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Terms and Conditions

  1. The Agency fee is 20%.
  2. Cash payment is due on the last day of the shooting. The same applies to agency commission and rentals of the locations.
  3. Models have to be paid in cash after the work is done.
  4. In case of cancellation by the Producer, the Producer is liable for all related costs payable to the agency.
  5. The Producer must respect all agreements made with the Agency regarding the activity type and amount ofwork of the models. If the Producer wishes to extend the range or quantity of work for the model, the Agency must be informed in advance.
  6. 6.  The Producer may not contact or make direct agreements with models contacted through the Agency. Failure to observe this requirement will incur a penalty of €1,000 (one thousand Euros) and definitive cancellation by the Agency.
  7. Technical supplies rentals must be paid in advance.
  8. Rental supplies delivery must be paid by the Producer, who is also responsible for any arising damage(s).
  9. The Agency does not assume responsibility if the model isunavailable in case of sickness. Full medical documentation will be provided. The Agency will however propose alternative models.
  10. Models are available for travel abroad. However, fulldetails of transportation, hotel accomodation and all details must be presented to the Agency 3 (three) days before departure.
  11. The Producer is responsible for models’ security, healthcare, accommodation, acceptable working condition and legal representation (if necessary). In other countries, the Producer is responsible for ensuring that models work in accordance with all local regulations.
  12. The Producer must request ID documents, medical tests orany other missing documentation of the models ON OR BEFORE the last day of production. If this requirement is not adhered to, the Agency cannot guarantee the full satisfaction of Producer’s requirements.
  13. Pavlamodels is NOT an escort agency - These models areNOT available for private work or escort services! Pavlamodels agency will do everything in its power to provide maximum quality for the productions.